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As part of my own duties, I get to go to starparties and club meetings to tell amateurs about the Dawn and EPOXI missions (although not as often as I did with Deep Impact!). There are others in the mission who will also be going to some of these and other events, so be sure to check back often!

What is a Star Party?

A Star Party is a gathering of people who travel to (usually) a dark location to observe the night sky. Sometimes these events are for members of a club (ie, each club will have a monthly star party for its members on one or two designated nights) at a local site. Other star parties are regional events where one or more clubs may host amateurs from all over to come to a very dark site. These events might be held over several days at a park or camp. With the longer events, there are also usually speakers and other presentations during the day along with workshops, vendors and other activities.

Over the next several years, people will have several opportunities to observe Vesta and Ceres, the targets of the Dawn mission. There will also be opportunities to observe Hartley 2, the target of the EPOXI mission. We hope that astronomy clubs and other space places will host observing activities so that the public can see these asteroids before and after encounter in 2010 (Hartley 2), 2011 (Vesta) and 2015 (Ceres). If you are planning a program, let me know and I'll include it in the list below. If you think you'd like to host your own Comet/Asteroid Party, take a look at our program outline and list of suggested activities.

Museums, Planetariums, SSAs, Clubs: If you are holding a Dawn or EPOXI program (lecture, presentation, planetarium show, observing, workshop, etc) that you would like posted, please send information to Elizabeth Warner the details and we'll add it to this list!!

See EPOXI at:

date/time where event fee?
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2010-10-07 Columbia, SC Midlands Astronomy Club mtg free
more info
2010-09-15 Hagerstown, MD Tri-State Astronomers club mtg free
more info

Updated: 30-Jul-2013