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The banner is a portion of a painting (gallery, 100 - August 1979 Solar Nebula) done by William K. Hartmann.

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Predominantly coded using Macromedia's Homesite, it is best viewed in newer browsers that render xhtml and CSS properly. I have tried to make it as accessible as possible. Please let me know of any problems.


Elizabeth Warner



W. D. Ferris
Cosmic Voyage

drawing of comet features (Beg. Guide, Sec. 1 Comets)

Dr. Tony Farnham

text about differences between comets and meteors (Beg. Guide, Sec. 1 Comets)

Jim Roucis

-- photo of comet Hyakutake (Beg. Guide, Sec. 2 Comets)
   taken in the vicinity of the Ramah Reservoir (CO) on Kodak Gold 400 color print film, 1996 March 21 UT 06:23; 10 min, 135mm f/3.5

Tony Hoffman

-- image of 4 Vesta (Beg. Guide, Sec. 2 Asteroids)
   Custer Institute, Southold, NY; January 21, 2006

Johnny Horne
Backyard Universe,
Fayetteville (NC) Observer

-- photo of comet Hale-Bopp (Beg. Guide, Sec. 2 Comets)
   15-minute time exposure (tracked on comet) made Sunday morning, March 9, 1997, using a 12-inch telescope.

-- image of 2004 XP14 (Beg Guide, Sec. 2 Asteroids)
   one of a series of 4-second exposures with a Meade DSI II Pro camera on a Celestron 11 telescope at f/4 made on July 3, 2006.

John Drummond

-- log entry (Beg. Guide, Sec. 7)

Paul Medcraft
Astronomical Society of Victoria

-- sketch of C2000 WM1 (LINEAR) (Int. Guide, Sec. 4)
   done at 5.15AM EDST from suburban skies in Victoria Australia. The Telescope was a 12.5" f/5.6 Truss Dobsonian using a 35mm Ultima (eyepiece).

Danny Paoletti
(hs intern, SP04)

-- starcharts, modified script for DC visibility, (Charts)

Seiichi Yoshida

-- magnitude graph of 9P, (Int. Guide, Sec. 3)


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