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Welcome! to the Amateur Observers' website.

Originally put together to support NASA's Discovery mission Deep Impact with observations of comet Tempel 1, the AOP observed the asteroid Vesta in support of the NASA Discovery mission Dawn and comet Hartley 2 in support of EPOXI.

We are still collecting observations of Vesta and Ceres for Dawn, but we are also now supporting NASA's Comet ISON Observing Campaign.

Experience the thrill of participating
in a NASA project!

Image/File Submissions

We are now accepting observations (images, sketches, lightcurves,...) of

  • comet ISON
  • asteroid Ceres
  • asteroid Vesta

  • other comets
  • UMD asteroids

Please visit the LogBook to find out how to submit your observations.

Don't worry, you won't need to know much about astronomy, comets or asteroids. That's what this site is about!

So, let's get started...


Updated: 17-Jan-2018