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Gallery: 46P/Wirtanen

Image taken by Ralph Pass

Fig 1:

Image Parameter Details
Image Date (UTC): 2018-12-13
Image Time (UTC): 02:07-03:06
Exposure: 12×300s
Filter: RGB
Field of View: 41.6'×36.0'
Observing Site: Middlesex School Observatory, MA, MPC I29
Observing Equipment: Centurion 18" f/2.783
Astrodon RGB filters
Digital Processing: Guiding on Comet; Dark frame and flat field applied to each image; Gamma stretch applied to each image
Comments: Twelve images, each of five minutes, guiding on the Comet, using RGB filters. It has a Christmas look.
2018-12-13T02:07:55 UTC   Red   300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:13:16 UTC   Green 300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:18:35 UTC   Blue  300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:23:48 UTC   Red   300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:29:07 UTC   Green 300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:34:27 UTC   Blue  300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:39:36 UTC   Red   300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:44:55 UTC   Green 300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:50:14 UTC   Blue  300 seconds
2018-12-13T02:55:22 UTC   Red   300 seconds
2018-12-13T03:00:42 UTC   Green 300 seconds
2018-12-13T03:06:02 UTC   Blue  300 seconds

Table 1: Data about image.

Updated: 14-Dec-2018