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Gallery: 46P/Wirtanen

Image taken by James Curbo

Fig 1:

Image Parameter Details
Image Date (UTC): 2018-11-29
Image Time (UTC): 03:12
Exposure: 149×10s @ISO 1600
Filter: none; RGB (captured as RAWs)
Field of View:
Observing Site: Silver Spring, MD
Observing Equipment: - Canon 7D Mk II
- Canon telephoto lens @ 200mm
- iOptron Skytracker Pro
- No filters; RGB images (captured as RAWs)
Digital Processing: - No darks
- Flats + bias (but not great flats as I did them the next day)
- All done in Pixinsight:
          - Calibration using flats + bias
          - Integration (centered on the stars, not the comet, so there's a tiny bit of drift in the comet)
          - Background gradient extraction (using PI's DynamicBackgroundExtraction)
          - Multiscale linear transform (wavelets) to clean up some noise
          - Minor curve transformation
Comments: I finally got around to imaging Wirtanen; this is a quick and dirty shot I did to prep for a tutorial session we're doing at the APL Astro Club tomorrow. Most of my good equipment is stowed away right now while I am having a roll-off roof observatory built (finished soon hopefully!)
Can provide raw images on request if they're helpful. I figure this is useful for astrometry at minimum. I'm planning on getting my higher end gear (C8, ASI1600, filters etc.) back out soon as the comet gets higher. Also willing to come lend a hand at your place if you need it.

Table 1: Data about image.

Updated: 13-Dec-2018