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Gallery: 46P/Wirtanen

Image taken by Charles Bell

Fig 1:

Image Parameter Details
Image Date (UTC): 2018-10-12
Image Time (UTC): 07:12:57
Exposure: 169
Filter: R
Field of View:
Observing Site: Charles Bell H47 Vicksburg
Observing Equipment: 0.3-m Schmidt-Cassegrain + SBIG ST8
Digital Processing:
2018-Oct-12 07:12:57 UTC
Exposure 169 secs
Low sky altitude +28 deg
Sky Motion 0.67"/min P.A. 177.7 deg
Magnitude 14.9 R aperture radius 10.4 arcsec UCAC4
Afrho R = 12.9 cm rho = 2980 km
Coma 55"×43" extended PA 330 deg
The coma has grown in width and length and shows an extension that appears affected by 
comet's motion since it is rotated slightly toward the -v direction. The geometry 
vectors r and -v are approximately at right angles. As the tail grows over the next month, 
a more noticeable curve toward -v should develop, curving toward the west. 
Tail 2.6 arc min PA 325 deg
Charles Bell H47 Vicksburg
0.3-m Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD + R filter
Astrometrica view cropped 
Astrometry submitted to the Minor Planet Center see MPEC 2018-U70

Ephemeris data:
t - T = -61.63902 days
True Anomaly = 298.6933 or -61.3067 deg
Delta = 0.395 AU
r = 1.330 AU
Elongation = 141.4 deg
Phase = 27.9 deg
PsAng = 340.6 deg
PsAMV = 253.2 deg
PlAng = 27.4 deg
Constellation: Fornax (For)

Table 1: Data about image.

Updated: 14-Dec-2018