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Gallery: 46P/Wirtanen

Image taken by Erik Bryssinck

Fig 1:

Image Parameter Details
Image Date (UTC): 2018-10-08
Image Time (UTC): 15:19
Exposure: 4×120s (L) + 2×120s (R)
Filter: Luminance + Bessel R
Field of View:
Observing Site: Siding Spring, Australia, (remote telescope) - MPC: Q62
Observing Equipment: 0.51-m f/4.5 Planewave - FLI PL6303E
Digital Processing: calibrated FIT-images available on request
Comments: comet altitude 81 degrees
magnitude 14.76 @ radius 5.45", magn. 14.04 @ radius 10.90" (catalog UCAC4)
Afρ with R-Bessel (CARA approach) vs. Core distance: 36 cm (+/- 4 cm) for radius of 10.000 km (afrhoplot vs. Core distance added in csv-format and jpg)

Table 1: Data about image.

Updated: 14-Dec-2018