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Gallery: Tempel 1 (2004-2005)

Observation made by GAT Astronomical Center

Fig 1:

Image Parameter Details
Comments: These Images were taken at SAS on July 5th by a very skilled expert as Federico Manzini (in cooperation with FOAM13 director Roberto Crippa). A rotational gradient elaboration clearly shows a quite strong jet at P.A. of about 270°. A similar elaboration made at the same F.Manzini and L.Comolli on images taken at Merate confirmed the reality of this morfological feature. The same jet apparently disappeared 24 h after and was not easily confirmed before the impact: so a connection with the impact shock shoould not be excluded.
Image Date/Time: 2005-07-05
Observing Site: SAS Observatory (Stazione Astronomica of Sozzago, Novara Italy) in cooperation with GAT Group at Merate Observatory
Tradate, --, Italy
Weather: good
Telescope: 0,4 m reflector f/6,8, resolution 0,71
Camera: HiSIS43
Exposure: sum of many tens of frames
Filters: clear

Table 1: Data about image.

Updated: 30-Jul-2013