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Gallery: Tempel 1 (2004-2005)

Observation made by Giovanni Sostero

Fig 1:

Image Parameter Details
Comments: Image obtained by E. Guido remotely from the NM Skies Observatory; image processing by G. Sostero. Total magnitude within 2.6arcmin diameter (or almost 100,000km at the comet distance) is R= 11.5
Apparently the comet brightness is quickly settling back to its pre-impact phase.
Image Date/Time: 2005-07-05/04:19 UT
Observing Site: remotely: Mayhill, NM
Weather: Clear
Telescope: Takahashi Epsilon 250 (D=0.25m, f/3.4)
Camera: SBIG ST8 XE
Exposure: Av of 9 exp of 30 sec
Filters: unfiltered, plus Johnson B,V and Cousins R

Table 1: Data about image.

Updated: 30-Jul-2013