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Gallery: Hartley 2

Image taken by Joe Gafford

Fig 1:

Image Parameter Details
Image Date (UTC): 2010-09-12
Image Time (UTC): 06:09:34
Exposure: 10 minutes each of LRGB, 1 minute sub-exposures in twos of each filter, repeated 4 more times to glean astrometric data on the Luminance exposures.
Filter: LRGB
Field of View: ???
Observing Site: Edmund G. Klein Dark Sky Site (H05)
Deer Trail, CO
Observing Equipment: 18" f/4.5 newtonian
Digital Processing: CCD Soft, MaximDL, PS3
Comments: North is up in this image.

Table 1: Data about image.

Updated: 30-Jul-2013