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Gallery: Hartley 2

Image taken by Mike Holloway

Fig 1:

Image Parameter Details
Image Date (UTC): 2010-08-27
Image Time (UTC):
Exposure: 7x180 sec
Filter: none
Field of View:  
Observing Site: Holloway Comet Observatory
Van Buren, AR
Observing Equipment: TV127is refractor (5", 660mm, f/5.2)
Digital Processing: ccd soft v5, PS3
Comments: Moon was 96% of full at a distance of 35° from the comet. When enlarged 2x (negative inset) there appears, and I stress, appears to be a possible jet from the north and trailing to the west then south. Would need confirmation with only one session.

Table 1: Data about image.

Updated: 30-Jul-2013